You are invited to join Coram Deo Church for worship on Good Friday (4/7/22) at 5:30 or 7 PM. We will be remembering the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross.  

Please RSVP for ALL members of your household who will be attending with you to help us know when we are nearing capacity.

There will be no childcare for Good Friday services.

Location Information

  • Coram Deo Church
  • 5951 State Highway 303 NE, Bremerton, WA, 98311 US
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You DO NOT need to provide your name to be able to register and this information will not be shared with anyone. 

Feel free to use "John Doe" and "[email protected]" if you are uncomfortable providing your actual personal information.

If there is not enough space left for your family, please send us an email at [email protected].

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